DIY kits to build web-connected things

Build animated paper companions reacting to
your digital life.

Choose what they do.
Create your own design.

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How it works

reaDIYmates are fun Wifi objects that move and play sounds depending on what's happening in your digital life.

Assemble them easily in 10 minutes, then decide what you want them to do through a simple web interface. Link them to your digital life (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, RSS feeds, SoundCloud, and more to come) or control them remotely in real time from your iPhone.

Choose from a variety of existing designs, use our templates or create your own object. You don't need any creative or technical skills to build and use your reaDIYmate, but if you want to go further, we made it super easy for you to change designs, write applications, or add inputs and outputs.

reaDIYmate is the new toolbox for the digital natives!

Concept drawing